Take Me Away!!

Just returned from a wonderful holiday…a week in Rome visiting our oldest son- there for a semester of his 4th year of architecture. Amazing.  We also got to spend two days in London (loved it),  and a week in the southwestern most corner of Ireland, on the Dingle Peninsula in Ballyferriter, County Kerry. Magical💚 I left my book for the owner of the beautiful cottage we stayed in- this was her response…love it- so thankful.

Homeschooling is complicated in Ireland- as of now, there is a ‘constitutional parental right’ – but the government heavily regulates, and parents have spent time in jail for  exercising their right.

I wanted to share Phil’s note to me re: my book because it drives home the point that parents everywhere want to be able to do what is right for their kids…that this adorable grandmotherly tough as nails elf of a woman who lives in a place where school done  outside the normal realm happens, but is not widely accepted, can see the benefit of good old fashioned doing what needs to be done for your kids.

I want to go back to Ireland so I can hug Phil, and tell her thank you from the bottom of my heart😊



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