May Your Chute Always Open


Back to school!

No matter your method or choice –  be it traditional public school, uncshooling, or anything in between…it’s time to shift gears and get back to it.

You can do this

There will definitely be days where you’ve done nothing but fly around opening parachutes for your kids – so much so that you’ll forget to pull your own cord.


You will get up, and do what needs doing. Please take a moment after you’ve splatted, before you dust yourself off and jump again – to remember why you’re doing this…why you decided to do school at home in the first place.

Because you love your children that much, and whatever the reason – you’ve taken on the task of doing their education at home.  Because  YOU want to be the one opening all the chutes, until the glorious day they learn to to do it for themselves.

It’s worth it😊