Perspective (you got this)

New year, new challenges. Brand new chance to do what works best for your children!

However, with the new year comes new doubts. Those who accept the challenge of doing education at home can often fall into the damaging trap of reflecting over the last year to be overwhelmed with the negative.

Do not do that to yourself. Period.

Of course, learning from mistakes is important…good…growth happens. But keep it at that. Don’t get mired down in all the could’ve – should’ve – would’ve. Was last year hard? Feel like you spent far too much time fighting a losing battle? It can happen, without a doubt.

Find the positive and build on that – do NOT expect perfection. Make realistic goals – start fresh – find the joy…it’s there. Really😊

We can get lost in the day to day battle, rather than revel in the successes. It’s a trap – be aware of it, and find ways to cope. Oversimplified, perhaps…but good advice nonetheless- given to me, now I give it to you.

Challenge accepted. Keep life in perspective- You got this! I hope 2019 is a good year for your school😊