Cereal for Dinner


Seriously…no truer words have ever been spoken.

Take this sentiment a step further – you would do something as seemingly crazy, risky, all consuming, against the grain as taking your kids out of the traditional public school setting, and be in charge of their education at home. Still don’t really want to make you dinner😊

Guess what? It’s okay – don’t worry about not making dinner every once in a while. Take a moment to look at the big picture…you are doing everything in your power to change things for the better for your children. You are overwhelmed, exhausted, and worried deep down in your soul that you might be ruining them, yet you are somehow happy and content. You know you are making a gigantic difference. It’s so worth it.

At  one time or another we’ve all felt this way: I’ll fight to the death for you, but I’m not making dinner. I just can’t tonight.  If you have a friend in your life who denies ever feeling this way…invite yourself, and the whole family to their house for dinner.

As for me, and my house – a handful of grapes, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a bowl or two of cereal will have to do sometimes. I did it more often than I care to admit, and quite frankly – now that my kids are grown and flown I kinda miss that whole scrambling  to find a way to feed them at the end of a long day in the school- at -home trenches.  Kinda😊

If you feel inadequate simply take a moment to consider… you are, in fact, giving your life for their betterment- serve up that bowl of cereal for dinner with a smile😊