Any Time!

One of the best things about doing school outside the traditional classroom setting is time. Or rather, not having to worry about time quite so much.

Recently returned from our first trip to Europe, we got the distinct pleasure(sarcasm) of going through two daylight savings times…one in Italy, then the next week at home in California. Still feeling a bit discombobulated- jet lag plus two time changes are hard on an old person haha 😉 Teachers know all to well it’s hard on kids too. That one little hour seems to be able to cause all kinds of difficulties.

We mostly did school here at the Smiley Academy during regular school hours, but the ability to change that was a beautiful thing! There were a multitude of reasons for needing to get a school day done at night, on the weekend- during a holiday…

Did leaving school to be done at a more convenient time wreck my kids for ‘real life’? Jobs, college etc. – NO. A thousand times, NO. In fact, I think it taught them to get things done no matter what- no matter when. Did you need Thursday off for (insert reason)? Then, get that school day done after dinner, or on Sunday afternoon.  The world continues to turn- learning still happens😊 any time.

*and when we have to ‘spring forward’ losing an hour…you get to sleep in😊



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