I Wonder😊

I did not write this…

sent to me by a friend who’s currently homeschooling her kids. I think it’s perfect, and 100% true. I’ll share it here with you, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

~ The curriculum is chosen specifically for each child, each subject can be switched out if it’s not working well for the student, any time during the year.

Each student gets lots of one on one time with the teacher daily!

The student not only covers academic requirements, but adds time in nature, manners and free play every day to their curriculum. This school adds time in for art, cooking skills and volunteering.

Each student is encouraged to think for himself, helps choose the books they study- and in turn I have heard that instead of creating advanced readers, this school created students who love reading.

The teacher who I hear is the best there- not only follows the curriculum, but will take time to focus on building character along with learning.

This teacher leaves room for quiet time every day for the students, and they get to choose how to use that time- it helps the student know what their interests are and enjoy their own company.

The teacher tells her students every day she chooses to be with them, because she loves her job…they feel so valued and loved!

Did you guess it yet?

This school is my home, and I am that teacher.

I wonder what would happen if we described our school day to someone who didn’t know we home educated? They might be amazed at what is taught…learned – and how amazing this lifestyle of schooling can be❤️ ~