Happy graduation! One of the bigger misconceptions I’ve come across throughout our school at home adventures: “How sad…those poor kids don’t get to have a graduation ceremony”!

Yes, they do! At least, my kids did- complete with all the pomp and circumstance associated with ‘normal’ high school graduation. In our case, the online virtual school we’d used rounded up all the graduating seniors from throughout the state – grouping them by location to gather for real graduation ceremonies complete with caps and gowns, honors regalia- each kids accomplishments proudly displayed – the announcer telling the crowd the university and intended major, trade school, branch of the military, or new job of each graduate as they walked accross the stage to receive their diploma.

The speaker talked about how important their accomplishment was- the amount of discipline and perseverance it took to do school at home and succeed at this level – asking us- me, the ‘learning coaches’ to stand and be recognized- thanking us for our commitment to our children. It was wonderful. We were SO proud. I cried practically the entire time- for both our 2015, and 2017 graduation ceremonies 😊

So, yes…kids who do school at home can participate in normal high school stuff like graduation. I knew groups who did their own proms, senior nights and trips etc.. But honestly, ‘normal’ isn’t necessarily best- you can tailor your whole schooling experience to fit your kids/family – I know families who chose to opt out of all that stuff – those kids went on to do their post high school lives none the worse for wear- just as happy and successful and excited for their futures as those who donned the cap and gown.

So, happy graduation to all- however the schooling was done! It comes up all too fast – poof! On to the next phase – congratulations!



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