Superheros Among Us

*complete truth, couldn’t have said it  better myself.

On the back of my book there is a little blurb about what lies within…the last words are:  ‘if I can do it, you can do it’. Essentially meaning take a look at our story- I’m not a teacher – I simply want to be able to encourage folks – inspire them to try, have faith and step outside their comfort zones.

The funny, yet 100% accurate meme at the beginning of this post is from a friend of my sister-in-law who is starting her twenty first year of homeschooling! Can you imagine?!? Her kids range in age from mid 20’s to 10…eight kids – I’m exhausted just writing about it haha😉

When I think back about the rollercoaster ride of our ten years worth of school at home days I feel overwhelming positivity- so many warm fuzzy feelings- but…it was difficult. Soooo difficult sometimes that I can’t believe we made it through, and everything turned out as well as it did. I only dealt with two children. Imagine eight- actually seven kids doing school at home plus one special needs kiddo who goes to school on the outside.

I do not personally know this woman, this family- but I imagine nothing short of Herculean effort  is required to pull off one day😊. She gets it done- done well- every day for 21 years! An example and inspiration for ALL of us in plain ol life as well as in the homeschooling world.

If you’ve made the decision to do school at home – no matter where you are in that journey – the doubt, fear and struggle can be relentless. There are people, like the superhero referred to in this post,  who are out there – they can help you. Whatever you’re going through at the moment you can be 99.9 % sure she’s already dealt with the same thing  …these encourager people have blogs and inspirational pages- they do speaking engagements and write books😊 (her name is Kendra Fletcher. Her book: Losing Religion, Finding Grace)

From where you’re standing right now I’ll bet you could throw a rock and hit someone who has ‘been there, done that’. Go ahead and throw…you might just hit a superhero, or any one of the thousands of us who are willing, eager and able to help❤️

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