Happy Mother’s Day to all! This is my mom😊 I love her with all my heart…today’s post is about her initial reaction to my decision to take the boys out of public school, and do it at home…unbeknownst to me it was not a happy positive thing! She kept it all to herself- I only found out about her true feelings well after the fact.

We had worked out all the kinks, and our successes were becoming constant – school at home was working wonderfully. Good things were happening all over the place at the Smiley Acaemy, so I guess my mom felt safe enough to let me know how she really felt back at the beginning- not good at all!

She told me her initial gut reaction was, “OH NO!! This can’t possibly work! What is she (me) thinking”?!? I’ll be honest- if she’d said that out loud to me it’s quite possible I would’ve reacted badly- been discouraged and upset at the very least. I’ve heard many, many stories about family members and close friends – folks who were normally your biggest supporters- get downright angry about a decision to homeschool. Like relationship ending levels of anger. “You’re destroying your kids lives, how can you so selfishly choose to do this to them”?

Just know that if you feel in your heart you’re doing the right thing you probably are. It’s just that much more added incentive to succeed – prove the naysayers wrong with your kids coming out the clear winners😊 I’m thankful for my mom’s support throughout all my life- and for outwardly supporting my decision to do school at home, while inwardly feeling completely terrified I was going to ruin her grandchildren 😉

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  1. I’m so glad I did keep my fears to myself! The whole homeschooling thing couldn’t have turned out better!! You did a wonderful job janell !!!

  2. So glad I got to attend these ceremonies. Will always remember joes leading the pledge of allegiance!!! So funny!!!

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