College (If you’re wondering)

Misconception #4092: Kids who do school at home can’t go to college – will colleges accept them right out of high school?

Yes, you betcha!

Like I state in the book…there’s nothing a good community college can’t fix – but if the goal is to go directly from high school at home to a four year university- it can most definitely be done! There are many different ways to do it with more, and more schools adding a ‘homeschoolers’ application process  to their websites every year. In our case the program we used is what is called an ‘umbrella’… we had a records office, official transcripts were kept, accreditations and certifications galore, so applying to universities was not too terribly different for my kids than it was for their public/private school counterparts.

People who choose to ‘unschool’ or do a mish-mash of curriculum choices can keep their own records- there are a million ways to do things and a great deal of support out there from those of us who have graduated kids from home! There are a growing number of schools who allow homegrown transcripts and records (that have become quite official over the years)- a place to submit pictures of science and art projects etc.. almost like submitting a college app portfolio rather than the good ol Common Application.

Also important to note…there are a growing number of schools that are making the SAT and ACT optional.

The moral of today’s post is simply this: Yes, kids who did high school at home can get into the top universities from all over the world – it can be done, and done exceedingly well – not to toot our own horn here at the Smiley Academy (ok, maybe just a lil toot lol) my guys received academic recruitment letters with offers of merit scholarships from a vast and varied assortment of schools – their final choices pictured at the top of this post😊

Misconception #4093: Kids who do school at home will not be able to keep up with the rigor of a four year university. Sorry, that’s incorrect! Of course there are always outliers, but for the most part the opposite is true – many colleges have figured out that these kids who did school at home are MORE ready – already being self sufficient self teaching self learners who had to become well organized and focused to survive high school at home. An unintended consequence that has most definitely worked out in our favor…year three, and year one of college for my boys very successfully in the books😊

*pro tip* be as proactive as you can possibly be – become your students best advocate- research and be aware of all academic and admissions requirements- have them hit the ground running in ninth grade- senior year arrives in a flash!!

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