I Can’t Learn From You (3 stars)

I don’t particularly like the way that looks…it’s no longer a solid 5 stars.

This post is inspired by my first bad review- well, not bad but less than good- not 5 stars but 3. A measly 3 stars.

When I first read the review I honestly felt like I’d been slapped in the face- ouch! I knew this day was bound to come – it’s an inevitability – not everyone will love what you have to say. But wait…the reviewer did not hate the book.  In fact, she says it was, “Enjoyable enough”. Haha- I’ll take it 😉

The reviewers’ disappointment came with the realization that we’d used an online curriculum.  Because our way of doing school at home was too different from her way…she felt she could not gain any encouragement from our story.


Of course we can all be encouraged by one another. Like I say in the book; there are a million different ways to do school outside the public system- all good – you choose the one you think will work best for your family…if it doesn’t work, choose a different plan of attack. It’s important to NOT get hung up on doing everything perfectly or the ‘right’ way.

The truth is you will find naysayers and discouragers all over the place- you will also find some of that judgmental negativity within the homeschooling community- don’t listen to them…their way is NOT the only way or the best way.

You do you- ask lots of questions and listen to people who’ve completed the race, and won- people who are willing to share their trials and successes with you😊

So, I thank this reviewer for her honesty and the idea for this topic- it’s important to know you’re not alone regardless of the method you choose- I feel like there’s lots to be gained from listening to those who’ve gone on before us even if they did things completly differently than you are doing things – besides, she does say the book was ‘heartfelt’ and ‘good, albeit short’. All true!! I guess 3 stars is more towards half full than half empty!


3 Replies to “I Can’t Learn From You (3 stars)”

  1. I’ve learned from you. Been encouraged by you. Been given great advice , gotten tons of awesome ideas, gotten lots of chuckles….. and I’m not doing the curriculum or plan you did. And I will probably continue pestering you with all my homeschool questions, worries, successes, doubts, etc. until my kids are graduated or you block me from your phone.

  2. Enjoyed reading this blog. I thought you handled this not wholly great review very well. Good for you!!! There will probably be others!

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